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photo by Patricia Ribas

Private Sessions

Private classes offer personalized artistic and somatic coaching to support your unique nature, interests and embodied expression.


This work engages the Tamalpa Life/Art approach to guide you through a sensing, moving, drawing and/or writing session that responds to a specific inquiry, or your experience as it unfolds.

Gentle movement coaching tends to your physical patterns. Artistic prompts eliven the relationship between your body's wisdom and your self-expression. Creative process weaves together mind, body and imagination for inspired living and empowered art.

This 1 on 1 work may be of interest to those who would like to enrich or initiate a creative practice, develop personal resources through the power of the arts, connect with their physical experience, or simply make space for self-care through guided somatic artmaking.

CONTACT Heather  to book a private session.

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