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Somatic Movment + Dance
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Somatic Movement Classes


These classes engage mindful and creative movement to nourish body, heart and imagination.

We begin with a guided sensory exploration and warm-up, by way of breath, gravity and awareness. Pulse and flow support us in entering a state of presence, connection and readiness. Imagery and gentle instructions initiate improvisation, themed tasks engage creativity, and we move in relationship to prompts, our own impulses, and the world around us.


This somatic approach is not concerned with learning steps or doing it “right”. Instead, we honor the unique physicality, lived experience, interpretations, and pacing of each individual. We tune in to ourselves and support one another, in a closely guided exploration of what moves us.


All Welcome. No Experience necessary!

Somatic Expressive Arts

Somatic and Expressive Arts Classes


“If your body could speak, what would it say?” (Daria Halprin)


These Tamalpa Institute based classes combine movement, drawing, creative writing, and/or sharing to explore a theme, activate embodiment, and cultivate self-expression.


A guided artmaking experience invites us to open to ourselves and to our creativity in a supportive group setting. By prompting our sensing, moving body to dialogue with the language of the arts, we develop our own embodied understandings and connections.


Somatic movement enlivens and empowers our lived experience. Visual art captures the ephemeral essence of our movement. Writing gives voice to the wisdom of our body. Sharing in small or large groups affirms our discoveries, and art becomes a resource for wellness and transformation.

This Expressive Arts approach bridges body and mind, inner and outer, art and life!   

Beginners, professionals and ALL welcome!

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Public and private Somatic and Expressive Arts workshops serve a variety of settings, and can be designed to address a theme, interest or particular intention. Workshops may support project initiation, team building, community initiatives, celebrations, and/or public engagement and connection.

For arts organizations in particular, these workshops can create meaningful and creative connections between an artwork and an audience or community.

CONTACT Heather for more information.

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