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Heather is a dance artist and an ISMETA registered Somatic Movement Educator.

She works with people to facilitate empowered creativity, connection and transformation through embodied awareness and the Expressive Arts.

With 20 + years of experience in dance and teaching, Heather applies the Tamalpa Institute's Life/Art Process to offer an intermodal practice that is grounded in the wisdom of the body, and the personal experience of the participant.

Her classes, workshops and private coaching sessions engage movement, drawing, writing and/or dialogue to explore individual and collective themes, activate self-expression and enrich creative projects.

photo by Sophia Wolfe

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photo by Patricia Ribas


photo by Chris Randle

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Participant Experiences

Participant Experiences

 "Heather has a unique ability to hold the space for people to explore their inner and outer experiences. The amount of time and space she provides (and the music!) gives a meditative quality to each exercise. I found myself really tapping into deeper and deeper layers within myself in the workshop. I highly recommend her classes!"  


- Zoe Wright-Bell, Expressive Arts Class Participant

“Working with Heather has been invaluable in honing in on the source of my ideas...Heather’s guidance through movement improvisation, drawing, writing, and conversation allowed me as a creator to dive deeper into my process and gain a better understanding of its origins and personal importance… By the end of our time together I can more clearly talk about my ideas and see where they want to go..”


- Rachel Meyer, choreographer / 1 on 1 work

"Heather’s kindness, compassion, creative spirit and somatic wisdom inspired me to no end. She created a space where I felt safe and encouraged to be vulnerable, explore my edges, and challenge my own physicality and artistry. The result was a feeling of belonging and the stoking of the flame of creativity within me ...  I was gifted with a sense of healing and wholeness that I treasure..."

- Rachel Helten, dance workshop participant

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